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Many people do not vote because they don't understand the ballot propositions. In 2020, I organized the League of Women Voters of San Diego's first call for artists to explain the ballot propositions in easy-to-understand, creative, and fun ways. I mentored 4 high school students in publicizing the opportunity to local artists, and we held a studio session to guide artists in creating political art. We received 15 artist submissions and held the #ExpressYourVote art show and voter education event with 20 attendees over Zoom. 

Proposition 15 Rocking Chair by Kristi Lin 

Typically, cardboard is used to make protest signs. This takes the medium and creates a rocking chair, symbolic of the need to sit down and look at both sides of the proposition. California State Proposition 15 in 2020 looked at reassessing the tax value of corporate properties over $3 million. The intent of this piece was to spark interest in the complicated ballot proposition and voting yes on Prop 15. 

IMG_20200919_152850 (1).jpg

#ExpressYourVote Art Show Submissions by Others

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Designed by Kristi Lin​ and Meg Thode

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