As a Teaching Artist for The AjA Project, an arts and social justice-focused nonprofit, I am working on the design and community engagement for a new sculpture is planned for Mira Mesa Community Park in San Diego, California.

The steel sculpture will serve as a shaded festival stage, a picnic area, a location for events and classes, and a beautiful space for all to enjoy.

A mural representing Mira Mesa’s rich cultural diversity, wildlife, and history will be cut out of the steel structure. With the sun and moon shining through its cutout silhouettes, the amphitheater-like sculpture will illuminate Mira Mesa’s past, present, and future.

Maximizing diverse community involvement, my team and I organized the following:


Mira Mesa Community Art Teen Fellowship - a week-long paid fellowship for 7 local Mira Mesa teens to learn about public art and participate in the design process. 

Mira Mesa Community Art Week - a series of free public talks, a stargazing meetup in Mira Mesa Community Park, and a cyanotype print making workshop with old photographs, memorabilia, and found park flora.

Currently, we are synthesizing the input into the final design, to be constructed in 2022.



Kate Clark, lead artist of Parkeology

Beto Soto

Maria Rios-Mathioudakis

Winter Smiley

Rizzhel Javier

The AjA Project

Mira Mesa Playground 1985. Photo by Sharon and Mac McCollum

Mira Mesa Playground 1985. Photo by Sharon and Mac McCollum


Mira Mesa Community Art Teen Fellows create cyanotype prints with old photographs and leaves found in the park.


Mira Mesa Community Art Teen Fellows stargaze with local astronomers in the suburban Mira Mesa Community Park.