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On rainy summer days at Rhode Island School of Design, I watched droplets of water run down the broad leaves of plantain lilies flanking a set of stairs. This inspired me to create this modular fountain, which can be rearranged into different configurations to create an endless number of ways for water to run down the natural and built environment. 


Sometimes we want to hold onto the past as if it's a knot that we're afraid will be come untied. Hold on to the traditions, the loved ones, the homes and places. A knot requires its own string to hold it together, though, and when parts of it start to come loose, it becomes harder and harder to keep it from unraveling. 


This quilt chronicles my grandparents' journey of building the first airplane in China during World War II. My grandfather built the airplane in a cave to hide it from the Japanese. Meanwhile, my grandma made money for the family playing mahjong. The piece is made of table cloths and bedsheets, reminiscent of my memories from their house in Los Angeles.


It's a rare sight to see a river and not see plastic. Here, the Providence River in Rhode Island is shaped with plastic bags screen printed and collaged with old bedsheets and tablecloths.