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I have been commissioned with artist Kate Clark to conceptualize, fabricate, and install a permanent gateway sculpture at Eli's Park in Seattle, Washington.


Eli’s Park is a soon-to-be renovated public park that carries on the memory and light of Eli, a little boy who showed us the importance of ACCESSIBILITY and INCLUSIVITY for everyone. Eli’s Park will have a accessible play equipment and spaces for all abilities and ages to enjoy. 

Our sculpture (to be done in 2023) is based on the Pileated Woodpecker, which excavates cavities in trees that provide shelter and protection for squirrels, owls, insects, and other animals. The woodpecker is a keystone species, a small animal that makes a big difference. Similarly, kids are small but can make a big impact in the community!

Materials: corten steel tubes, stainless steel animal sculptures


Kate Clark, lead artist of Parkeology

Site Workshop Landscape Architecture

elis render.jpg
eli's animals.jpg
elis sensory.PNG
eli's section.jpg

Conceptual renderings

Photos from our Animal Neighbor Nature Walk to introduce and get feedback on the sculpture:

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